Camp Souldust 2018 has ended
avatar for Michelle Allen

Michelle Allen

Peaceful Heart Wellness Services
Ecotherapist, Intuitive Healer
avatar for Darla Antoine

Darla Antoine

Ancestral Activist
avatar for Kimberly Bizjak

Kimberly Bizjak

Seeing from the Sea
Holistic Therapist & Intuitive Medium
avatar for Erin Bruce

Erin Bruce

The Seasonal Soul
Sacred Wheel Maven & Creatrix, The Seasonal Soul
avatar for Spring Courtright

Spring Courtright

Journey For Purpose & Spring Cleaning Home Organization
Kayak Guide & Owner/Operator
avatar for Nicole Donovan

Nicole Donovan

Earth Soul Medicine
Earth Medicine Warrior
avatar for Rachel Ford

Rachel Ford

avatar for Eric Isaac

Eric Isaac

Sound Weaver
avatar for Andréa Ranae Johnson

Andréa Ranae Johnson

Social Change Coach + Facilitator + Writer
avatar for Lola Medicine Keeper

Lola Medicine Keeper

Wild Playground
Ceremonial Herbalist + Wild Witch


The Coloring Project
avatar for Suzanne Ragan Lentz

Suzanne Ragan Lentz

Botany of the Soul
Plant Whisper + Energy Intuitive
avatar for Niema Lightseed

Niema Lightseed

Radical Well Being Bodywork
Medicinal Poet + Embodiment Teacher
avatar for Rosie Llewellyn

Rosie Llewellyn

Practitioner of Yoga, Art & Wild Happenings
avatar for Mellissae Lucia

Mellissae Lucia

Intuitive Artist + Mischief Maker
avatar for Carla Lundgren

Carla Lundgren

Guide, Healing Practices for Anxiety
avatar for Jen MacNiven

Jen MacNiven

International photographer, Myofascial Yin Yoga Instructor, BEMER...
avatar for Juliana Morris

Juliana Morris

Be Your Own (S)expert
Founder, Be Your Own (S)expert
avatar for Terri Lynn Perry

Terri Lynn Perry

Light Guide in Breath, Body, Energy Awareness
avatar for Tigre Pickett

Tigre Pickett

Wild Playground
Co-Creative Visionary
avatar for Dylan Wilder Quinn

Dylan Wilder Quinn

Trans Healer + Community Builder
avatar for Moorea Seal

Moorea Seal

Moorea Seal
Author of the 52 Lists Project series
avatar for Veronica Smith

Veronica Smith

Soulmap Mandalas
Intuitive Astrologer
avatar for Miik Wells

Miik Wells

Inner Equity