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Miik Wells

Cheshire Catalyst
Spelled M-i-i-K; pronounced "Mike"; creates feedback like a "mic"...

Yes, there's a story there, and Miik is open to sharing it, and does so often in groups. As a matter of fact, Miik is mighty open overall--with his beautiful, his ugly, his smooth, his raggedy, his raw, his purified, his mess, and his immaculate.

Learning facilitator by trade, experiential educator by desire, and lifelong learner by inheritance — Miik instigates dynamic, interactive, and adventurous experiences. He has led group learning for children, youth, and adults for almost two decades.

In a society that is becoming more and more zeroes and ones, he’s naught-y, fractional, and as creatively infinite as a fractal. A force of nature; even without name tags, you’d be able to identify Miik by his infinite energy within five minutes of playing together.

Miik has a dynamic, interactive approach to programming and the ability to connect with a wide spectrum of individuals and groups. His work has spanned children to adults, homeless to affluent, developmentally typical to developmentally challenged. With all, he intuitively cultivates an inclusive relationship context. Miik revels in living the spectrum of being a juxtaposed contradiction and everything in-between. He takes the high road, the low road, and moseys in the middle ground.

With an openness to continuous learning and deep connection, Miik creates a connective tidal wave in everything he touches, activating a magical dimension of curiosity, playfulness and evolution.