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Rosie Llewellyn

Practitioner of Yoga, Art & Wild Happenings

The creative pathway of Rosie connects where vibes meet vision. Her teachings inspire movement, poetry, and activated daydreams into an elevated yoga practice.

As a freelance artist with roots in the Caribbean, Rosie has lived much of her life in the PNW immersed in the magic of nature. She followed her intuition after art school and began exploring the origins of yoga. This influence has launched her into trainings and adventures across the globe that continue to open an expansive window into mind and body.

Rosie traverses a colorful spectrum creating space for connection, love, and authenticity to be cultivated. Her vast perspective offers elements of insight that guide students within their own texture of dimensions. With a strong self practice and a collaborative mindset, Rosie merges creative power with the ancient teachings of yoga to enhance your wellness and neuro-muscular healing. Her energy is playful, grounded, imaginative and above all, out of this world. She is the creator, the muse and the shape shifter of her own dream archetype. Drawing from all the elements, Rosie lives her passion to curate unseen qualities of the human experience into a living exhibition. All are welcome to hop on the space ship and ride the wave of a natural curiosity.