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Miik Wells

Inner Equity
Miik [“Mike”, He/Him/His, Black/Indigenous]

I embody curiosity, playfulness, and adventure as a catalyst and conductor of social learning and development.

I facilitate dynamic, interactive, and engaging experiences for us to play, practice, and collaborate toward sustainable, equitable, and just connecting and relating.

I am a Father, Brother, Son, Friend, Mentor, and Lifelong Student. I'm also a Heart-centered facilitator who catalyzes collective wisdom and collaborative practice toward cultivating social equity in groups, businesses, and communities.

I have deep experience in the centering of Young People, Black/Indigenous/POC Folx, and Queer/Trans/NonBinary Folx, while also having the capacity to work with people carrying various social and systemic Privileges (White/Male/Cis/Etc).

Currently, I offer Inner Equity as a way to do "The Work" of orienting our individual selves toward sustainable, collaborative actions for social and ecosystemic change. Stay current on my offerings and work at MiikWells.com.